Top 5 campfire safety tips.

Master fire with our campfire safety tips.

Campfire safety is one of the things you need to know about before going camping. It is crucial to educate yourself about how to build and maintain your campfire in a safe and responsible way otherwise you’re bound to bet burned. We have come up with a simple 5-step list for you to get started with campfire safety tips:

Axe by the campfire
campfire burning with axe nearby
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List of necessary supplies. Camping checklist.

If you don’t go camping often (or this is your first time), this basic camping checklist is a good start. Over time, you may wish to add some other personal items.

What to bring camping:

Camping gear check list:

1. Garbage bags.

Just because you are out in the wilderness doesn’t mean you can toss your garbage anywhere you want and leave it. This can attract bears and other wildlife because it smells like food. So please always follow the rule “pack out what you pack in”.

2. Tent.

Unless you are planning on primitive camping, you will need a shelter to sleep in or hide from the sun and rain. Continue reading “List of necessary supplies. Camping checklist.”