Top 5 campfire safety tips.

Master fire with our campfire safety tips.

Campfire safety is one of the things you need to know about before going camping. It is crucial to educate yourself about how to build and maintain your campfire in a safe and responsible way otherwise you’re bound to bet burned. We have come up with a simple 5-step list for you to get started with campfire safety tips:

Axe by the campfire
campfire burning with axe nearby

Step 1: Look up fire bans.

It’s your responsibility to know the current fire ban restrictions for the area you plan to have a campfire. Print them out before you leave home if you feel that you might forget. Do NOT build a campfire in hazardous and dry conditions.

Click here to view Canadian Fire Restrictions by Province.

Step 2: Use of fire pits and rings.

If you see an existing fire ring or pit, use it because it is more easily managed. Remove all dry debris and other things away from around the border of the ring or pit so they don’t catch fire. You can build a campfire pit or ring if there is not one. Pick a spot away from tents, shrubs, trees or other flammable objects. Look up, if there are low-hanging branches this might not be the best spot.

Step 3: Prevent wind gusts.

You should always think of weather conditions and direction of the wind because it will affect the way your fire burns. Pick a spot with a bit of shelter from wind gusts therefore hot embers don’t get swept up. A wind gust can come from any direction or angle.

Step 4: Keep water nearby.

No matter what the weather conditions are, it is possible for anything to happen. A big gust of wind can blow hot embers or ‘sparks’ into the air and catch fire to whatever it lands on to.
A new piece of wood could cause the fire to grow larger than you expected, or fall on the hot coals shooting embers straight up.

Step 5: Put out the campfire before bed or leaving the campsite unattended.

If you are going to be away from the campsite or going to sleep, make sure the fire is completely extinguished. Use water to put out the fire and NEVER bury it. Take a bucket of water and pour it all over the fire and the coals. Grab a poking stick and stir the coals around, then pour more water on top and repeat until it is no longer hot.

A camping trip does not feel the same without a campfire. So, make sure you follow our campfire safety tips so you will have a good time.

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