Gold Creek Falls Trail – Golden Ears

The Gold Creek Trail is located in Golden Ears Provincial Park.

This hike is perfect for starting the season for anyone, especially for families and seniors who want a nice walk in the nature that is not too hard on them.

This is a well-maintained trail, composed of mostly small gravel rocks and is about 8 to 10 feet wide.

Starting the hike.

Start your hike from inside the parking lot. Go to the west end of the parking lot and you will find a wide trail. Begin your walk up the small-sloped hill.

When you reach the 1.5 km mark, look to your left, because you will see Gold Greek. Looking a little further, there are some great views of the mountain peaks.

Gold Creek, Golden Ears Provincial Park

Soon after, you will see another wide path with dirt instead of gravel on the left-hand side with a big tree. You will need to follow this path for about 10 feet before you reach a rocky area along the side of Gold Creek – and here’s your chance to touch the water. The water is calm enough for you to go in.

Rocky Beach on Gold Creek, Golden Ears Provincial Park
This spot on the river appears to range from ankle deep to waist deep.
In the summer this is good for hanging out at and keeping cool with a quick dip in the river.

Head back out to the main trail so you can continue your way up to the lower falls. The next landmark sighting is an outhouse to the right (on this visit the door was nailed shut), and a bench on the side of the river looking upstream to the left.

Bench looking at Gold Creek
Take a break and sit because this is a nice place to just soak in the view from a solid wooden bench before you get to the lower falls.

Lower falls bottom lookout point:

From here, very shortly, you will start to hear the rumble of the falls. As you near the first lookout point, as a result of the breeze you will feel the nice cool mist on your face from the waterfall.

Gold Creek Lower Falls bottom lookout point
This is the view of the lower falls from the bottom. Lots of people stop here because they want a get pictures of themselves with the waterfall in the background.

Above Lower Falls lookout point:

This is where you will want to pull out your camera and start snapping photos and/or recording videos. When you turn around, you will see that the trail continues up with a less well-maintained path. This one will lead you to the second level lookout point from the top of the falls. If you walk down the not-so-leveled path of roots and rocks, you will be at water level. The water is nice and clear (another camera worthy spot).

Gold Creek Lower Falls lookout point from above

This is the end of the trail unless you want to climb up to the horse trail. Otherwise, turn around and head back down to the parking lot or your campsite.

Trail Details:

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 2 hours

Round-trip: 5.5km

Season: year-round

Camping: Yes

Public Transit: No

Stroller-friendly: Yes

Dog-friendly: Yes