Beginners guide to hosting on Kamp Smart

So you want to be a Kamp Smart host.

You are most likely looking at this because you own some private property. In this beginners guide we will be reviewing the basic things required to be a Kamp Smart host so you know it is right for you..


Space for campers
Sign up Free Account
Create Free Listing
Accept Reservations and the campers just roll in.

Space for campers

To start with hosting private campsites on Kamp Smart you must have the space on your property for it because you don’t want someone camping beside your home or cabin. . So please visit our Can I host my property on Kamp Smart? Post to see if it is right for you.


Sign up Free Account

Next on the list is joining Kamp Smart by signing up with a free account because you need it to post a listing. So sign up today by visiting My Account setup right here How to sign up for a Kamp Smart account.

Create Free Listing

After you have logged in to your Kamp Smart account.You will need to list the campsite(s) you have available so campers can find them. If you need help creating your campsite listing then please visit our blog post How to Create a Kamp Smart Campsite Listing.

One interesting fact to remember is that campers can be broken down into three groups.

  • Highly connected with cell phone service, reliable Wi-Fi and other media access
  • Moderately connected, mostly in the form of knowing that there is digital access if needed, but it’s not a necessary part of the camping experience
  • Completely disconnected. There is no cell phone service or Wi-Fi in these areas. mostly in remote areas outside of city limits
Accept Reservations

Never miss reservations again because our instabook feature will auto accept for you. Just make sure to log in on your Kamp Smart account because this is where you will find your reservations.

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