Why should you offer Glamping?

Why glamping?

Over the years, the idea of glamping has become much more accepted and popular due to the changes in lifestyle. The average living space with storage is becoming smaller. When you think of camping, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Where are you going to get and store all the gear on such short notice? Sometimes, the camper is new to the activity. Some people just want to go and relax without the hassle of worrying about everything from food to tents to camping supplies. Many people just want to show up with the necessities (food, water, sleeping bags, pillows) and whatever extra accessories they feel they need supplied for them.

What is glamping and who would want it?

Glamping is when you offer a private campsite involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. There are a number of reasons why people would like to rent a glamping site. Examples include:

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Beginners guide to hosting on Kamp Smart

How to host your campsite on Kamp Smart

So you want to be a Kamp Smart host.

You are most likely looking at this because you own some private property. In this beginners guide we will be reviewing the basic things required to be a Kamp Smart host so you know it is right for you..


Space for campers
Sign up Free Account
Create Free Listing
Accept Reservations and the campers just roll in.

Space for campers

To start with hosting private campsites on Kamp Smart you must have the space on your property for it because you don’t want someone camping beside your home or cabin. . So please visit our Can I host my property on Kamp Smart? Post to see if it is right for you.


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Can I host my property on Kamp Smart?

Car Camping

Yes, you can. It is your property so you get to choose where campers stay on it. It could be in their own tents or RV vehicles or in a Glamping space you offer. Follow your Regional Campsite by laws and campers can pitching a tent or stay in some sort of structure.

Also check out our Beginner’s guide to hosting on Kamp Smart.

Our community of campers are looking for unique camping experiences so post a listing today. Kamp Smart welcomes many different kinds of listings on our portal. Completely bare land, cabins, yurts, teepees, domes, RV sites, and primitive tent campgrounds because we have campers of all types..

Canada fire bans and restrictions.


When you head out in to the wilderness this summer, please help keep our forests in Canada safe from wildfire. Review the fire bans and restrictions for the area you are visiting and keep yourself up to date of any current wildfires that might be burning so avoid getting trapped.

Canada by Province:

British Columbia

Canada by the Territories:

Northwest Territories

For tips to help keep you safe building and maintaining a campfire please visit our post here Top 5 campfire safety tips.

Top 5 campfire safety tips.

Master fire with our campfire safety tips.

Campfire safety is one of the things you need to know about before going camping. It is crucial to educate yourself about how to build and maintain your campfire in a safe and responsible way otherwise you’re bound to bet burned. We have come up with a simple 5-step list for you to get started with campfire safety tips:

Axe by the campfire
campfire burning with axe nearby
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List of necessary supplies. Camping checklist.

If you don’t go camping often (or this is your first time), this basic camping checklist is a good start. Over time, you may wish to add some other personal items.

What to bring camping:

Camping gear check list:

1. Garbage bags.

Just because you are out in the wilderness doesn’t mean you can toss your garbage anywhere you want and leave it. This can attract bears and other wildlife because it smells like food. So please always follow the rule “pack out what you pack in”.

2. Tent.

Unless you are planning on primitive camping, you will need a shelter to sleep in or hide from the sun and rain. Continue reading “List of necessary supplies. Camping checklist.”