Gold Creek Falls Trail – Golden Ears

The Gold Creek Trail is located in Golden Ears Provincial Park.

This hike is perfect for starting the season for anyone, especially for families and seniors who want a nice walk in the nature that is not too hard on them.

This is a well-maintained trail, composed of mostly small gravel rocks and is about 8 to 10 feet wide.

Starting the hike.

Start your hike from inside the parking lot. Go to the west end of the parking lot and you will find a wide trail. Begin your walk up the small-sloped hill.

When you reach the 1.5 km mark, look to your left, because you will see Gold Greek. Looking a little further,  there are some great views of the mountain peaks..

Gold Creek, Golden Ears Provincial Park

Soon after, you will see another wide path with dirt instead of gravel on the left-hand side with a big tree. You will need to follow this path for about 10 feet before you reach a rocky area along the side of Gold Creek – and here’s your chance to touch the water. The water is calm enough for you to go in.

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