Do I need to provide access to toilets?

We request that you follow your local campgrounds regulation bylaws. It is very common in rural areas toilets or out houses are not required. You will have to make this clear in your posting by selecting the amenities checkbox accordingly in your listing when you are setting it up. We recommend you write in your description that there is no toilet or out houses on site and that guests will need to pack out what ever waste they make. In the camping supply stores they sell small portable toilets with bags to bag the waste.

Toilet solutions for your campsites (depends on campground regulations in your area)

  • Self-contained vehicles: RV’s or Trailers with their own water source and toilet
  • Portable toilet: Tell you guests to bring a portable toilet sold at camping supply stores
  • Outhouse: outhouse with a hole dug under it. Or if you are able to get a portable outhouse that provides septic removal service.